Jennifer Simmons, LPN
     Weaver Elementary School
 Teacher Introduction:
My name is Jennifer Simmons and this is my eighth year as a nurse in the Calhoun County School System, my second at Weaver Elementary.
I love being a Bearcat and I am looking forward to a great school year!

The Alabama Department of Public Health now *REQUIRES* a dose of the Tdap immunization (Tetanus/Pertussis booster shot) for students entering the 6th grade. You MUST have this immunization and bring in a new blue form before the beginning of their 6th grade school year. The school is open all summer for parents to deliver new blue forms.


If your child's blue form expires during the school year, you will receive a letter with a copy of your child's current blue slip. Take this copy to your doctor's office or the Health Department to have your child's immunizations and blue slip updated. Your child must have an up-to-date blue slip on file in the nurse's office to attend school. This is a STATE LAW, no exceptions can be made.

Medications can not be transported to school by the student. Parents must deliver ALL medication. There is paperwork that must be completed by the parent before meds can be administered (this includes cough drops).

All prescription medication must be accompanied by an authorization form that has been signed by the parent AND the physician. These forms can be obtained from the nurse or the physician's office at the time of visit. It is very important that the order on the authorization form matches the prescription label.

If you bring over-the-counter medication to be given during school, it must be in an unopened container.

If you have any questions I may be reached at 741-7109 or by email at You may also contact the health services supervisors for further assistance: Lesa Cotton at 741-7984 and Allison Morgan at 741-7986.
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