Amelia White
Exam Study Guide 5/8/07 - 8:53 AM
Spanish I-Exam Review

All questions will be multiple choice. Culture items listed below can be found in the notas culturales and readings from each chapter. Some questions will require a brief reading about which students will answer questions.

From Un.1 Et.3

Family vocab.
Numbers 11-20
Expressing age w/ tener+anos
Expressing possession using de
Possessive adjectives
Expressing dates-day/month
Culture-quinceanera-What is it? What’s traditional dress?
All other chapter vocab.

From Un.2 Et.1

-ar verb conjugation
Classroom vocab.
Expressing obligation w/ hay que and tener que
Culture-La Universidad Autónoma de México-How old is it? The word pluma and another word for pen.
Adverbs of frequency
Classes and all other ch vocab.

From Un.2 Et.2

Food vocab and other school-related vocab
The verb ir
Interrogative words
The verb estar
Time and time-related vocab
Culture-typical snacks in Mexico, typical drinks
All other ch vocab.

Example Questions
1) El padre de mi padre es mi __________________.
a. primo b. abuelo c. abuela d. madre

2) Los hijos de mis padres son mis _______________.
a. primos b.abuelos c. hermanos y yo d. padres

3) Elena tiene noventa anos. Es muy _____________.
a. fea b. joven c.edad d.vieja

4) Uds. _______________ veinte anos.
a. tienen b. tiene c. tenemos d. tengo

5) treinta+veinte= ____________
a. cuarenta b. cincuenta c. catorce d. diecinueve

6) –María, ¿Cuántos anos tiene tu abuela?
-__________ abuela tiene setenta anos.
a. su b. mi c. tu d. nuestra

7) enero, __________, marzo, abril
a. julio b. octubre c. febrero d. agosto

8) Luisa necesita ____________ para su clase de matemáticas.
a. un diccionario b. una calculadora c. una pantalla d. una impresora

9) Computadoras tienen pantallas y ___________.
a. teclados b. libros c. maestros d. tareas

10) Isabel nunca llega __________ a clase.
a. difícil b. poco c. tarde d. siempre

11) Hay que ___________ bien en las clases para sacar buenas notas.
a. bailar b. escuchar c. cantar d. llevar

12) Tenemos que __________ la tarea para la clase de matemáticas.
a. preparar b. ayudar c. cantar d. llegar

13) Ella no _______ bien en el coro.
a. cantamos b. canta c. cantas d. canto

14) Los estudiantes ____________ diccionarios en la clase de inglés.
a. Usamos b.uso c. usan d. usas

15) Ricardo quiere comer fruta y _________ para la merienda.
a. agua b. agua de fruta c. papas fritas d. el almuerzo

16) Yo _______ a la cafetería para comer.
a. voy b. vas c. va d.vamos

17) -¿Dónde están los libros de la escuela?
- Están en _____________.
a. el gimnasio b. la cafetería c. la biblioteca d. la oficina

18)- ¿__________ van ellos?
- Van a la cafetería.
a. Dónde b. Qué c. Cuál d. Adónde

18) -¿________ es ella?
-Es la maestro nueva.
a. Quiénes b. Cómo c. Quién d. Cuánto

19) Ellos _________ al gimnasio a las diez.
a. van b. voy c. vas d. va

20) Ellos ___________ en clase a las ocho.
a. estoy b. está c. están d. estamos

21) Son las siete ____________ (A.M.).
a. de la noche b. de la tarde c. por la manana d. de la manana

22) -¿Qué hora es?
-Son las ________. (4:30)
a. cuatro y media b. cuatro y cuarto c. cuatro y veinte d. cuatro y quince

23)- ¿A qué hora llegas a la escuela?
-Llego _____________ (7:50).
a. son las siete y cincuenta b. a las siete y cincuenta c. a las ocho menos diez
d. a las ocho y diez

Notebooks Due-5/8 5/8/07 - 8:52 AM
Students need to gather all stamped work and notes from the 4th 9 weeks. Put these items into a folder. Count how many of each you have and write those numbers at the front of the folder. The notebook should be easy to grade and in a folder or points will be subtracted. You CANNOT pass the class without a notebook! You may bring the notebook in 1 day late at an automatic -20, after that a 0 will be issued.

Time quiz-Friday, 4/26 4/26/07 - 9:05 AM
Some questions for review of time.

1) At what time? (A que hora?)
2) It's 3:00 PM. (Son las tres de la tarde.)
3) It's 4:15 AM. (Son las cuatro y cuarto de la manana.)
4) It's 6:45. (Son las siete menos cuarto.)
5) It's 7:50. (Son las ocho menos diez.)
6) What time is it? (Que hora es?)
7) At 1:20. (A la una y veinte.)
8) It's 5:10. (Son las cinco y diez.)
9) At 11:45. (A las doce menos cuarto.)

Class Syllabus 8/13/06 - 10:08 PM
Ms. Amelia White
Spanish I
2006-2007 Course Syllabus

¡Bienvenidos! This year you will learn about:
-Spanish vocabulary
-Spanish verb conjugation in present and preterit tenses
-Other aspects of the Spanish language
-Hispanic peoples in the U.S.

*You will be expected to communicate in the following modalities: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Materials (to be brought to class everyday)
¡En espanol! Uno textbook
¡En espanol! Uno workbook
Notebook (3 ring binder or notebook w/ perforated edges is preferred)
Loose-leaf paper
Pens (blue or black ink) and pencils
Spanish-English dictionary
Coloring utensils, glue, and scissors

Class Rules
-Be in your seat and quiet when the tardy bell rings
-Speak or leave your seat only when you have permission to do so
-Show respect for all people and their property
-The teacher and not the bell will dismiss you
-Follow all school rules

-Written assignment
-Parent contact
-Corporal punishment
-Office referral

Grades are not weighted and will based on the total number of points received out of the total number of points possible. Point value and frequency may vary.
-Class work: 10-20 pts. -Includes various in-class activities
-Homework: 5-40 pts. -Given 3-4 times a week
-Participation: 30 pts. per week-Given based on preparedness and effort
-Notebook: 200-400 pts. -Graded once per 9 weeks and should contain dated notes and stamped work
-Quizzes: 20-40 pts. -Given approximately once a week
-Tests: 100 pts. -Given approximately once every 2 weeks
-Projects: 100 pts. -Given no more than once per 9 weeks

Makeup Work
Students will have 3 days after an excused absence to make up their work. Exceptions may be made for extenuating circumstances.

Extra Help
Students may come for extra help before or after school and during break. Please let me know if you’re coming so I can make sure that I’m available.

Bathroom/Water-This should be taken care of between classes or you may trade break time. Exceptions may be made for medical needs.

Pencil Sharpener/Trash-Sharpen pencils or go to the trash before or after class or with the teacher’s permission.
Testing-There should be no talking during assessments. Students caught talking will receive a 0 for the assessment.
Academic Dishonesty
Any student caught cheating will receive a 0 and an office referral.

* If you need contact me outside of class time, please use the following information:
School Phone: 256-741-7800
Classroom: 256-741-7841

To access the class web site, go to and input teacher ID# 161.

Please sign, clip, and return.

I, _______________________ (student’s name), have read and understand Ms. White’s class policies and I agree to abide by them.

_________________________________________________ (student’s signature)

I, ________________________________ (name of parent/guardian), have read and understand Ms. White’s class policies.

Anuncios (Announcements) 8/18/06 - 2:01 PM
Local students and parents may go to the STI Home site for homework, grades, and other important information. Students should have received their username and password.You may contact the office to receive a duplicate information card.

8/21-Fee of $20.00 due for Spanish. This will pay for the workbooks we'll use this year.

Palabra del dia (Word of the Day) 3/27/06 - 2:36 PM

Spanish Tutorial Site 3/13/06 - 12:56 PM
I've added a Spanish tutorial site to my web page. This is a great site with help on a variety of topics. Great for practicing verb conjugation and reading comprehension. The site also provides explanations for concepts we study.

Use textbook web site for extra help! 9/7/05 - 2:13 PM
Simply click on the textbook link and then choose the etapa the we're currently studying. You'll have access to the online workbook, flashcards, and self-quizzes.

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