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Science and Health
Science and Health - Kindergarten
Goals and Descriptions

The SESAT 2 level of the Stanford Achievement Test, Ninth Edition (SAT-9) assesses students in the spring of Kindergarten.

"The science portion of this subtest provides an overview of children's understanding of the general concepts of the natural environment." The Alabama High School Graduation Exam assesses students at grade twelve. The Alabama Course of Study provides science skills for students in Kindergarten.


Physical Science

The Physical Science unit includes properties of objects, motion of objects, matter, energy, light, heat, electricity, magnetism, and force. The Physical Science unit includes concepts related to matter, forces, motion, and energy, as well as their interactions. Topics include chemical and physical changes, electricity, magnetism, heat, light, sound, machines, work and power.


Life Science

The Life Science unit includes organism characteristics, plants and animals, human health and safety, life cycles, and the environment. The Life Science unit addresses the characteristics and cycles of and relationships between living things and their environments. Topics include cellular organization, classification, ecosystems, genetics, and human health issues.


Earth and Space Science

The Earth and Space Science unit includes properties of the Earth, moon, sun, solar system, and universe. The Earth and Space Science unit also includes items related to the development and implementation of space exploration. The Earth and Space Science unit addresses the composition, structure, exploration, and history of the earth and space. Topics include plate tectonics, the atmosphere, geological cycles and processes, weather, climate, the solar system, and the universe.