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Parent-teacher conferences are encouraged.  A parent may request a conference by sending a written note with the child to the teacher, emailing the teacher through our website, or by calling the school office and leaving a telephone message.  (Call 741-4300)


Teachers and staff can be contacted through the email and voice mail system.  Our website address is  Each staff member has a school email address listed. Note:  Put us in your favorites” category—so we are just a “fingertip away.”



    One of the most important lessons education should teach is self-discipline.  While it does not appear as a subject, it underlies the whole educational structure.  The purpose of our disciplinary policy is to insure the rights of each student to attend school in a safe, positive and productive learning environment. 


     Students will be treated fairly and equitably.  As stated in the Code of Student Conduct, discipline shall be based on a careful assessment of the circumstances of each case:


·       Seriousness of the offense;

·       Student's age;

·       Frequency of misconduct;

·       Student’s attitude; and

·       Effect of the misconduct on the school environment.


Consequences from the administrative staff for misbehavior include:


·       Student/administrator conference

·       Detention/time-out

·       Suspension

·       Corporal punishment


*See Calhoun County Code of Conduct




Alexandria Elementary School recognizes the importance of encouraging high standards in dress and personal grooming.  Students should dress in a manner conducive to good behavior and to the creation of a good educational atmosphere in the school.  We encourage our students to dress with care and dignity. 


The parents of Alexandria Elementary School have always demonstrated good taste in choosing and supervising the grooming and clothing of their children.  We ask your continued support and cooperation.

*See Calhoun County Code of Conduct